Guest Blog: Message in a Bottle Productions

Why Video Your Wedding?

Getting married is one of the most exciting times of your life.  Friends and family gather together to celebrate a milestone in your journey that marks a new beginning.  For months on end you plan, craft, and design the wedding of your dreams, but when that wedding day arrives it seems to fly by at the speed of light.  

The bride spends more than half of her day hidden away as she prepares to look her best and take the symbolic walk down the aisle. The groom hides making sure that he doesn’t catch a glimpse of the bride before their moment.  In the blink of an eye the dance floor is winding down and it’s time to leave the reception and head off into the journey of marriage.

Your guests will have devoured the catering, been wowed by the location, had their breath taken away by the florals,  and maybe even had a snapshot or two made in a photobooth, but who will be able to tell the story of the whole day?  The bride, who planned everything, was busy preparing, the groom was just trying to keep everything on track for the bride, and the guests weren’t inside the inner circle to experience the emotion.  That is why you need a wedding video. 

Gone are the days of an obtrusive video team with lights and cameras surrounding the event. Today’s modern videographers are able to capture the emotions of the day with you barely realizing they are there.  A wedding video tells the story of the excitement building up the ceremony, captures the vows of promises meant for a lifetime, and tells a story of love in the dances that follow.  Not only will your wedding video capture all of the details you have worked so hard on, it will capture your thoughts and feelings on such an important day.  When you leave your wedding you have a sense of pride, a loving companion, some wonderful photos, and hopefully a video that tells the story.  

Can you imagine the joy of sitting down with your young child and watching the story of how Mommy & Daddy started their marriage? (You don’t necessarily have to show them the part where you prove you can balance a beer can on top of your head while dancing.) Can you imagine the fun of seeing your bridal party ten, twenty, or thirty years later? Can you imagine the importance of having a copy of Dad’s toast after he is no longer with us?  

All of these are reasons to hire a professional videographer to capture your story.  At Message in a Bottle Productions we strive to capture the story of your wedding that you will cherish for a lifetime.  We have been filming weddings for over 9 years and know how to capture the details, story, and moments in a way that makes sure that the bride and groom experience their day to the fullest.  The moments, emotions, and stories we have been able to capture for our clients energize us to find the special moments at each and every wedding.  Huffington Post reports that the most common regret shared by Brides after their weddings is not hiring a videographer.  So as you plan your special make sure to consider letting a professional videographer capture your wedding story.  You won’t regret it! 


Justin Croninger, Owner
Message in a Bottle Productions