Help! My Guest List is Out of Control!

Don’t worry, your bulging-at-the-seam guest list is a common problem with all couples, and it can be remedied, somewhat painlessly.  You and your parents are both so excited about your special occasion that you want to invite everyone that you know.  But, truth be told, most of us cannot afford to invite everyone we know to our wedding, so start trimming!

Steps to Trimming your Guest List:

1.      Go over your list with your fiancé and put each guest into two categories: “Category A” and “Category B”.

a.     Category A should include the absolute must-invites. This list is likely to include your family and closest friends.

b.     Category B lists everyone remaining on your guest list.

2.     Now, weed out your B list by asking yourself the following:

a.     How close are you to this person?  Not very?  Leave them off.  (if they are a friend of a friend, leave them off)

b.     Are they a second or third cousin whose name you can barely remember? Leave them off.

c.     Are they your parents’ friends who you do not actually know? Leave them off. Are they footing the bill? Keep them on.

3.     Once you have done this, here are some additional helpful tips to trim your guest list:

a.     Make your wedding adult only by taking off anyone under the age of 18.

b.     Do not give all of your single guests a “plus one”. If they are not in a serious relationship (dating more than 6 months), do not offer them a plus one. 

c.     Don’t feel obligated to invite co-workers or business associates.

d.     Don’t feel pressured to invite people just because you were invited to their wedding. If you have not seen or talked to them in the past year, you do not have to invite them.


Remember that wedding planning is a team sport, be sure to include your fiancé in any cuts and additions that you make to the guest list.


Happy Planning!


Director of Special Events