To DIY or Not to DIY?

What I Should and Shouldn’t

DIY for My Wedding?

You’re excited about your upcoming wedding and you have stayed up way past your bedtime looking at Pinterest for ideas for centerpieces, favors and decor.  You have thought to yourself, “I could do that for half of the cost and it doesn’t look hard at all”!  Understandable.  However, is it worth the time and frustration of a “Pinterest Fail” two weeks before your wedding because that was the time that you were able to get your bridesmaids to come over and help you? 

Rules of Thumb on Wedding DIY

1.     Do you really have the time to devote to it?  Factor in going to Hobby Lobby to get the perfect shade of pink ribbon to tie around the 200 packages of s’mores that you just made and then tying the perfect bow on all of them.  Your time is going to be a precious commodity the closer you get to your wedding and wouldn’t you rather take the spare time that you do have when not planning getting a massage or manicure?

2.     Is it really less expensive than ordering them complete from a website or other vendor?  Again, factor in your time as well as cost of material and packaging.

3.     Are your friends going to avoid your calls or texts because every time they hear from you, it is a request for help on yet another DIY project?  It is only natural for your wedding to come up in most conversations with your close friends.  However, if you are constantly asking for help with centerpieces, guest books and favors, your friends will begin to feel more like non-paid employees than friends.  Remember to take a wedding break every once in a while.  It will be good for you and your friends!

If DIY is your therapy, you have the time and are looking forward to getting a bottle of wine, your bridesmaids and a free Friday night, then by all means, get the hot glue gun and burlap and get to making some wedding décor magic!

Happy Planning!