Ashley + Cody: Prom Night to Wedding Day

I have been waiting to get this gallery for what seems like forever (when actually it was delivered in an amazingly fast amount of time!) because this couple is so very special!  I have known Ashley's family for many years and was thrilled that she chose our venue for her wedding location.  This meant that I was going to get to work with an amazing family while planning a beautiful wedding.

During wedding planning, I found out that Ashely and Cody had their first date on prom night!  There is absolutely no pressure there at all.  You would think they would go to Starbucks or somewhere as a first date and get all of the first date jitters out of the way.  But, as with everything this couple does, they jumped in with both feet and had a great prom night.

They dated throughout high school and both went to University of Tennessee Knoxville (GBO?) and graduated in May.  What do you follow an amazing four years of football, exams and growing up with?  A wedding, of course!  And they had an awesome one!

Ashley watched the weather for weeks.  I continued to tell her not to stress about things you cannot fix.  I can do a lot of things on wedding day, controlling the weather is not one of them.  They had originally said that they did not want to do a first look.  That was the only thing that Cody had any opinion about for the wedding.  He let Ashley make all of the decisions (very smart husband!).  However, when the forecast came through for wedding day and it was going to rain all afternoon and into the evening, he relented.  He knew that if they were going to be able to get the good photographs that they wanted, they were going to have to do a first look.  Ashley had dreamed of having her favorite wedding photographer, Kelly Ginn Photography, for her wedding day.  She gave up things that were not as important as photos to her so that she could afford to have KGP and let them do their magic in either sun or rain.  That paid off with this gallery.  They are stunning!

Rock Star Vendors

Photography- Kelly Ginn Photography
Videography- Release It Films
Cake- Kipp Holmes
Floral- In Full Bloom
Entertainment- Deep Blu Entertainment
Make Up- Adele Amour (Alexandra Scharff)
Hair- D'lands (Camille)
Photobooth- Showtime Photo Booth